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Allan B. Rappleyea
Paul O. Sullivan

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A Last Will and Testament (Will) is the legal document that directs the distribution of your assets upon your death.

One mistake made in the preparation and execution of a Will can potentially invalidate the entire document.

In addition to the many “Do-It-Yourself” legal products flooding the marketplace for matters such as Wills, life has become more complex for most individuals and families. The traditional family structure is changing. Multiple marriages/children, disability, employment changes, pension and 401k distribution, property ownership in numerous states or with multiple partners, business ownership, tax consequences; these are some of the many factors that can potentially complicate the proper and legal execution of a Will.

Our experienced attorneys understand these constantly evolving dynamics and can expertly guide you and protect you and your family’s interests throughout the process of writing a Will and executing it’s directives.

Additionally,  our attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to help you to minimize the estate tax consequence both immediately and in the long term.