Patrick T. Gartland
Paul O. Sullivan

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Building and  maintaining a successful business requires tremendous “staying power”.

Our corporate attorneys are “problem solvers”. Our goals are to facilitate the client’s business objectives. Our legal expertise, practical application and focus on finding solutions, allows us to guide our clients in overcoming roadblocks that prohibit businesses from achieving success and optimal profitability.

Our Corporate Law Department advises and represents a broad range of businesses to include partnerships, corporations, joint ventures, and start-ups. Our clients are expertly represented in mergers and acquisitions, stock or asset sales, venture capital, and other business financings including intellectual matters.

Additionally and in support of our client’s business interests, as a full service law firm our litigators are ready to assist our clients with their disputes in both state and federal courts, as well as dispute resolution alternatives such as mediation and arbitration.


If not managed properly, the cost to resolve a construction dispute can negate the project’s profitability, and can impact current and long term business objectives.

Our Construction Law Department represents contractors and design professionals in residential and commercial construction matters including subdivisions, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, and schools.

Our experienced attorneys are fluent in all aspects of the construction process. This expertise allows them the ability to advise clients on how to minimize risk throughout each phase of the project, and to successfully litigate disputes that may arise to include workmanship differences, schedule delays, or liens.

Additionally, as a full-service law firm, our  real estate, land use, and banking attorneys  provide their expertise and support in construction matters.