Kyle C. Van De Water

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Administrative Separation Boards
Army Review Boards
Criminal Investigations
General Courts-Martial
Military Discharge
Non-Judicial Punishment
Honor Code Investigations/Hearings
GOMOR or NJP Article 15 Appeals

Our Military Law Department includes a former Active Duty Judge Advocate Officer, Kyle C. Van De Water, Esq..

This department provides well-informed and accurate services for a full range of these specific cases. These matters may involve the rights of active duty and veteran soldiers, sailors, academic cadets, and their families. These regulations differ from civilian law. By fully understanding the various implications that may arise in each case, we assist clients in maintaining their career, status, reputation, and assets.

Our department provides information and knowledge regarding court-martial and administrative hearings, the enforcement of your due process rights throughout all phases of a case, and the guidance necessary to arrive at the client’s desired outcome.

Additionally, being located just north of the United States Military Academy at West Point, the department has the ability to work both directly and remotely with clients.