Vincent L. DeBiase
Karen E. Hagstrom
Allan B. Rappleyea
Paul O. Sullivan

Kyle C. Van De Water
Brooke D. Youngwirth

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (Arbitration, Mediation)
Class Action
Fiduciary Duties
Intellectual Property
Lender Liability
Real Estate

Civil Litigation Our firm is experienced in litigating a broad range of cases and proceedings, regularly representing and advising clients who are involved in a lawsuit or appeal as a result of a dispute. We assess each client’s needs from the initial consultation and take time and consideration towards preparing them for trial.

Commercial Litigation Our pragmatic litigators are well versed in defense and prosecution and represent clients taking legal action in business matters. Our attorneys are trusted advisors, guiding business owners towards the most effective and efficient decisions for their business development. Our firm consists of an abundance of resources consisting of business, franchise, and employment attorneys supplying specialized knowledge throughout each case.

Criminal Litigation Our attorneys have experience helping not only the accused but their families navigate through the criminal justice system. Our extensive resources lead to a proactive investigative and research stage, which can often be the pillar of a successful case.